An Ounce of Prevention

The biggest industry tradeshow.  The launch of a new product.  That opportunity to sit face to face with the largest prospect of your career.  An important campaign.  Your new website.

D.  All of the above.  The question?  What's a great time to incorporate video?  (Thank you, Alex, I'll take Smart Marketing for $800).

In the event that, somehow, you missed the memo and still aren't convinced that video will be the best investment you make this year, check out these up to the minute stats. 

My favorite, #4:

Now, producing a high quality video takes time.  An average lead time is 6-8 weeks, and that's after a plan and a budget has been established (which often takes at least 2 weeks.) To learn more about the production process, click here.

Meeting with an experienced producer early on will help you come up with a strong concept, allocate the proper budget, be involved in the production process, and walk away with a video that presents your business as the organized, innovative, incredible solution that it is.  Want to learn more?  Contact me . . .