Video Testimonial for Manufacturing Company

When golfers like Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Phil Mickelson will be lounging in your trailer, you want to make something really spectacular. And when a client like TaylorMade is thrilled to hit the PGA Tour circuit in your creation, you want to make a spectacular video about it.

Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing for companies of all types and industries. And a well produced video testimonial creates word of mouth opportunities that last. That’s why we love when an innovative company like Craftsmen Industries invites us to create a video testimonial like this one.

Even better? When we receive a testimonial in return!

“I could not be happier.  You nailed it. The shorter version is 100% customer as it should be and he used the tag line perfectly. This would be an Olympic perfect 10.  Thanks to you and your team for such fantastic work.  You ROCK!  I hope you are as proud of this as we are with this production.  What an awesome testimonial.  Nice work.  Hugs and high fives all around. “ — Mark Steele, President/CEO

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Video Package for Engineering Firm

When CDG Engineers approached us to produce a corporate introduction video, it soon became clear that one 2-3 minute video could not even come close to capturing the full story of this intelligent, dynamic, and talented team.

The solution? A package of videos produced over a period of several months. By conducting thorough interviews with a broad selection of team members, identifying top priorities for use and audience of finished videos, and designing a production plan that maximizes Return on Investment, we’ve been able to create a comprehensive video strategy at one flat monthly rate.

Watch one of their videos here:

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Video Series for Professional Organization

“The Building Tomorrow Awards were a chance for us to tell the story of the importance of helping kids find their future in our industry.

Solstice’s team are masterful storytellers, who wove disparate winner interviews into a thread that was spot on-message.”
— Tom Finan, Executive Director, Construction Forum St. Louis

Opening Video for Company Convention

I wanted to let you know that the video went over very well…everyone loved it! We even showed it before dinner the other night when all the spouses were there and able to watch it.

You guys did such a great job as usual. Thanks so much again for fitting that in and completing it so quickly for us!
— Jessica Gitto, Business Development Representative, Western Specialty Contractors