Video for Economic Development Campaign

"Thank you again for the outstanding product quality and timely production of the series of video productions by you and your Solstice colleagues on behalf of the City of St. Louis in its effort to retain and expand the 3,100-job National Geospatial-Intellegence Agency (NGA) Headquarters in the City.  When the White House and the NGA ultimately chose the City's proposed NorthSide Regeneration site for this $1.6 billion new HQ facility, it will be the home of 7,100 high paying jobs several years after it is completed --- and the compelling messages conveyed in Solstice's video productions on the subject have played a key role in this effort."

--Richard C.D. Fleming, Chairman & CEO, Community Development Ventures, Inc.

Company Story Video Series for Electrical Contractor

"Aschinger Electric wanted to do something special to honor our 75th anniversary and share the story of our company with our friends and clients.  Solstice Productions worked with us to celebrate our founders and our past, while also telling the story of where Aschinger is going in the future.  We’ve received so many client views and comments on our history videos.  I’ve even had employees ask to share the videos with their families and friends.  We are proud of our history, and telling the story through video helps deepen our connection with our employees and clients."

Emily Martin, President, Aschinger Electric

3D Process Animation for Hydraulic Press and Automated Systems Manufacturer

"Beckwood approached Solstice Productions with a challenging request that involved showcasing a highly technical piece of manufacturing equipment. The involved process was one that required visual explanation, and a professional end product was key to conveying the quality and capability of the system. With minimal explanation, the Solstice team was able to spring into action, providing a proof of concept that surpassed our initial expectations. After only a handful of tweaks, which Solstice was happy to accommodate at no additional charge, the final product was delivered. Since then, we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, both from our own company employees and our customer base who is using the animation as an educational tool. The entire Solstice process was great, and I would not hesitate to use them again for future animation needs."

Ryan Pendleton, Sales & Marketing Manager, Triform/Beckwood

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3D Process Animations for Commercial Utilities Contractor

"I was concerned that the videos wouldn’t be understandable, that it would be very difficult to get the idea put across. . . Our technology is so hard to explain. These videos are able to put our technology into motion, where they can speed up the process and you can look inside and outside and see what’s happening . . . The biggest surprise is how easy it was. The videos are a great way to get our message out to the people who can use our service, in a way that they can understand.”     

Mike Jerome, Owner, Bi-State Utilities

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Company History Animation for Commercial and Residential Roofer

“When you have been in a business for over 75 years, it is difficult to succinctly convey that kind of history.  We understand that in today’s world, video is often a preferred medium.  We knew that was the best way to highlight our story in less than a minute.  Solstice was very committed to getting the script correct.  Ultimately, the animation they put together captured the milestones of our business in a stylistic way that looks both cutting edge and pays homage toour history.  We could not be happier with this piece!”

Jason Shupp, President, Ferguson Roofing