Video Series for Tech Startup Support Organization

"Working with Solstice Productions has been a great experience for ITEN. In our case they really helped us clarify an often intricate and somewhat complicated message into something that reflected our core values to entrepreneurs. They really work to get to know their clients"

Francis Chmelir

ITEN, Interim Executive Director

ITEN, a not for profit organization that provides a foundational system for entrepreneurs to work together towards building strong startups and a vibrant tech ecosystem, turned to Solstice Productions to help promote their story in and around the St. Louis region.

The problem?  A study conducted by an independent marketing group found that public perception of ITEN did not match up with the organization's expectations, nor with the reality of the work being done by ITEN.

The solution? Extensive pre-production research was conducted by Solstice producers, and the central story began to take shape.  Production included three days of interviews with key players both in and around the organization, from staff, to board members, to the entrepreneurs and business leaders that the organization serves.  Three separate scripts were developed out of those interviews, and multiple additional short "innovator" videos were cut. 

The result? ITEN distributed the series of three videos plus the extra "innovator" videos through email, social media, their website, and public presentations.  A shift in media attention and perception has occurred, and ITEN continues to use the video series as they grow and expand into the wider Midwestern region.

Think a video series could help your business?